TV Spots & Appearances

Back from another successful trip out West to sing for the NHL (Sharks vs. Predators) March, 2017. Stay tuned for more upcoming dates soon!

At “In Style” Magazine Holiday Party 12/1/16 & @ the “Younger” Premiere 9/27/16


Home Living Furniture Commercial with Michael playing my son…

Pasta Express Commercial with all 3 kids…

The kids 1st Harley Davidson Shoot “Fall/Winter 2016” (Caroline Kobin, Timothy Kobin, Michael Kobin)

DIY Gift Wrap Segment for NY1 News…

In Martha Stewart Studio for her first Live Facebook Stream…November 2015

Live NHL Performances @ the SAP center in San Jose, California (2014-2016)

December 14th Singing Performance @ the Carlton Hotel

Singing at “The West End” October 2014

Fashion Show @ The High Line in NYC (Aug.2013) with Caroline Kobin

At the opening of “Caravan” November 2011 with Caroline Kobin