Everything “DIY”

DIY Costumes and Pumpkins 2017. See progress video below

Here is my super last minute DIY kentuckyderby hat that I made for this weekend with a  black flower & a lot of Tulle. Next year I’m going bigger!


I wrapped my “Secret Santa”gift for cousin Arthur with brown paper, photos, paper flowers, pencil eraser stamps, ribbon & battery operated Christmas lights for the DIY family giftwrap contest.

Scroll down below to see more of my “DIY” gift wrap ideas & my previous gift wrap segment on NY1. This one I just wrapped with the back of a brown shopping bag. I used the back of a pencil eraser to create the poka dot stamps and added some pretty ribbon. Simple!


DIY Costumes 2016 Along with “Work In Progress” video of my tree!

These are my “DIY” halloween costumes for 2015. I made the box of raisins out of a large cardboard box that I got for free at the store “5 Below”. I primed and painted it with bottled acrylics after cutting the circle with a razor blade, using a lamp shade as a template. I hot glued plastic grapes I found in her fake kitchen & added fake leaves from an old plant I had in the house. The boys Sprout & Jolly Green Giant costumes took a lot longer as I had to make the undergarments first to which to sew the green leaves onto. I was so happy with the result of all 3! 🙂

See some of my DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas here on my NY1 News Segment

DSC_3608c  2

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