My day with Martha!

I was very lucky to spend the day Friday taking pictures at Martha Stewart’s studio in NYC with Claudine of Caravan Girl. She had a lunch for us before she shared some Holiday DIY ideas from her Christmas Home Depot Collection. It was streamed live on her facebook page. Afterwards, she hosted an after party in one of her Kitchens with many desserts, warm apple cider & some spiked eggnog that was so delish! (I don’t typically drink eggnog but when Martha herself tells you to try it, you do!) She stood next to me at the dessert table, so I had the chance to talk to her a bit. I told her about the cookies my 93 year old grandma makes from one of her recipes every year at Christmas and how I don’t eat sweets ever, but her cookies I love. She happened to have a tray of them there. Then, I came to find out that one of her personal assistants graduated High School with my husband. Such a small world! At the end, we all went home with a gift bag filled with goodies and one of her cordless drills! Here is a sneak peak of some of the great photos I got from the day. It certainly put me in the holiday spirit! #buildcheerwithmartha


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